The Green Drain Team Promotes Water Conservation and Sustainability Initiatives

Global Water Shortages

Water scarcity impacts communities worldwide, but major differences can be made with the right equipment in place.

In an effort to educate business owners and the general public about the importance of sustainability, the team behind the Green Drain waterless trap seal has been actively promoting the value of water conservation. As industry pioneers, Green Drain's team members have curated and provided their customers with information regarding water scarcity, and have supported widescale infrastructure change to better the environment.

According to data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the typical American uses an average of 82 gallons of water per day at home. While that may seem high, daily activities such as showering, handwashing, and cooking can add up quickly, causing total consumption figures to skyrocket. By installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances, Americans can easily decrease their individual usage by 20% or more.

"This is an issue that impacts the environment on a global scale, but the situation at hand can be quickly improved through the usage of safer appliances," said Jason Bocchino, CEO of Green Drain. "We create and promote our products with this exact philosophy in mind. This is not an insurmountable issue by any means, and it starts with the right equipment."

Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands within a region. Water is unequally distributed over time and space, and much of it ends up wasted, polluted, and unsustainably managed. While there is no global-scale water scarcity, the issue is highly prevalent in many regions from around the world. These areas are chronically short of water because the global level has increased more than twice as fast as the population over the last century.

Water scarcity prevention is entirely dependent on sustainable water management. This includes prioritizing water infrastructure improvement, as aging water infrastructure has become a serious issue throughout the US. Aging infrastructure, such as leaky pipes and water mains, is estimated to result in the loss of 2.1 trillion gallons of treated drinking water in the U.S. yearly. According to the EPA, the average household's leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, and 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.

The Green Drain's waterless trap seal helps to solve water conservation challenges, as its water-saving efficiency is far more effective than traditional methods. The company's eco-friendly products have been designed to improve or replace existing, poorly designed technologies that waste energy or have harmful effects on the environment.

Waterless trap seals can also be considered 'green' because they do not require continual filling, hence complementing water conservation efforts. Not only can these seals help combat wasted water they can also cut down on the associated costs. Most waterless trap primers feature a one-way membrane that acts similar to a check valve. The membrane's tight seal prevents sewer gas and insect from entering up through the drain while also minimizing the evaporation of the trap seal. Thus, continuous replenishment of the trap seal via water-supplied by trap primers from the building water supply is unnecessary.

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The GREEN DRAIN™ is an environmentally friendly water-free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools.

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