The GREEN DRAIN™​ on Preventing Infections in Food and Hospitality Businesses

Restaurants, food distributors, and hospitality businesses need to actively combat the dangerous pathogens that live in drainage systems.

Businesses in the food and hospitality industries have been forced to overcome multiple obstacles in 2020, with social distancing protocols, indoor dining restrictions, and personal protective equipment requirements all resulting in major operational adjustments over the past nine months. An additional challenge that many business owners are facing comes in the form of the dangerous pathogens and infections that can quickly spread and endanger employees and customers if not managed properly. The team behind The GREEN DRAIN™, an environmentally water-free trap seal, has prepared information as to how owners and operators can minimize the risk in the months to come. 

"Businesses that operate in the food and hospitality industries are particularly vulnerable to the spread of infections," said Jason Bocchino, CEO of The GREEN DRAIN™. 

"Restaurants, food distribution centers, hotels, and similar institutions typically experience high volumes of human traffic. This can lead to the transmission of harmful diseases, which can be especially dangerous during the winter months." 

An infection outbreak can devastate a business in the food or hospitality industry, forcing it to close its doors and lose revenue during its shutdown period. For these businesses, infections and pathogens can spread quickly through unexpected means such as drainage systems. To minimize the risk of harmful transmission, business owners can improve air filtration systems to ensure proper ventilation and circulation, as well as upgrade HVAC systems to achieve maximum airflow control. Owners can also utilize tools such as The GREEN DRAIN™ to fight against deadly microorganisms, waterborne pathogens, and airborne bacteria that live in drains. 

"Thanks to the physical barrier of protection provided by The GREEN DRAIN™, food and hospitality businesses can prevent the cross-contamination of aerosolized pathogens caused by faulty or evaporated traps," said Bocchino. "The barrier allows liquids to pass down the drain, then automatically seals itself shut to prevent the spread of pathogens. This allows business owners to effectively target and eliminate some of the most problematic disease-related concerns plaguing the food and hospitality industries."

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The GREEN DRAIN™ is an environmentally friendly water-free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools.

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