Green Drain™ Provides Health-Conscious Floor Drain Solution for Businesses Looking to Reopen

The dangerous potential of waterborne pathogens spreading through plumbing systems, as well as open and exposed drains, has business owners seeking solutions to prevent the transmission of deadly diseases.

Green Drain™, a globally multi-patented floor drain solution, is the only product on the market that can provide businesses with protection against the spread of contagious pathogens like COVID-19 as they look to reopen. Studies conducted by Arch Public Health concluded that drainage systems and their maintenance, if neglected, could pose a threat in both community life and healthcare systems. Problems such as infections as well as the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria arise when the sanitation system is not working properly; primary examples of malfunction include leakage and backflow caused by blockages or dried out traps.

With waterborne pathogens traveling through the bathroom drain pipes and floor drains commonly found in homes and commercial properties, the transmission rates of viruses such as COVID-19 and influenza can spike if the issue is left unresolved. Currently, COVID-19 is spreading through floor drains in the same way SARS did during the 2003 pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, this form of transmission was responsible for infecting hundreds of people in a 33-story Hong Kong apartment tower.

Green Drain™ is a proactive, cost-effective solution that fits into drains as a one-way trap seal. Constructed with a revolutionary silicone skirt technology that installs in seconds, Green Drain™ can shut out toxic gases, odors, insects, and prevent minor flooding. Paired with a non-toxic organic bio-enzymatic cleaning foam, it replaces costly toxic chemicals as well. Drain maintenance drops to almost nothing, as Green Drain™ requires no water to function properly as opposed to water primers that dry out causing major issues such as exposure to drainage networks and drug-resistant biofilms.

"It is extremely important for businesses and healthcare facilities to be aware of the potential complications that drainage networks pose," said Jason Bocchino, the CEO of Green Drain™.

"We are looking to help these businesses and systems get ahead of this problem by fitting facilities with a protective barrier from drains and stopping the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19."

It is especially common for air pressure inside of places such as cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, corporate office buildings, and public restrooms to be lower than the pressure in the soil around the property's foundation. This difference in pressure results in facilities acting like vacuums, drawing air in through foundations and openings like floor drains. As a result, there is still a chance that coronavirus and other deadly diseases can spread through the drains of businesses that are reopening during this period of loosened COVID-19 restrictions.

Green Drain™ reduces exposure to hazardous sewer gases and disease-causing pathogens that harbor within drain lines and plumbing systems. The eco-friendly, preventative solution leads to improved outcomes for worker & patient health, while simultaneously exceeding the lifespan of traditional chemical applicants that harm the environment.

"While we are happy to launch an effective product that can enhance workplace functionality, our main priority is keeping both workers and patients safe at this time. Businesses are reopening, and if we can play our role in combating COVID-19 and other diseases by protecting people from the dangers that floor drainage systems pose, then we have ultimately achieved our goal," said Bocchino.

Green Drain™

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