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The Green Drain waterless trap seal can help people protect their health while they are in their homes. When people are in the comfort of their own homes, they may not think about the pathogens that could enter their homes through drains.

"The Green Drain is important in your home for your health and well-being. It prevents aerosols from escaping the drainage system," said Jason Bocchino, CEO of Green Drain.

It is not only gases that pose a threat. Ants and roaches could be more prevalent with the summer months approaching. These hungry pests can stream in through unprotected drains, invade pantries and cupboards, and spread diseases. Green Drain's silicone skirt can prevent this scenario from occurring. 

The summer months also mean potentially higher energy and water bills. Children are home from school and an increasing number of adults are working remotely. Higher usage leads to higher bills.

Green Drains can help save time, money, and water in the long run. Unlike traditional trap primers, which must be replaced frequently, The Green Drain takes seconds to install and can double as a barrier trap protection. 

Green Drain's waterless trap seals are often referred to as "green" because they do not require refilling on a regular basis, thereby complementing water conservation efforts. The Green Drain is used to seal the opening in floor drain bodies' outlet connections or the inside of floor drain strainers. This prevents odors, sewage gases, and insects from entering through the grate.

The Green Drain's four flexible silicone sealing ribs make it simple to mount the drain seal into openings of varying sizes, making it possible for private use at home. When there is no water flow, the Green Drain will open to allow drainage and then close. The Green Drain can also be used in applications where trap primers have never been built. 

With the many certifications Green Drain has earned, users can feel at ease installing it in their homes. The certification from the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) indicates that the drain seal plays a role in environmental conservation. The product also earned an HACCP certification.

From sinks, garbage disposals, and bathrooms, the threat is imminent and worse with people spending more time at home this summer. Green Drain prevents costly maintenance visits, unwelcomed pests, and the entry of dangerous chemicals.


The GREEN DRAIN™ is an environmentally friendly water-free trap seal that can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools.

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